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Killing Rommel book download

Killing Rommel book download

Killing Rommel. Steven Pressfield

Killing Rommel

ISBN: 0767926161,9780767926164 | 320 pages | 8 Mb

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Killing Rommel Steven Pressfield
Publisher: Broadway

This was originally going to be an interview with the internationally best-selling author Steven Pressfield about his new historical thriller, Killing Rommel. Despite the title, this isn't a pulp novel about commandos killing Rommel or an alternate history. During World War II, North Africa was the battleground to one “Desert Fox” — or, as most people would know him, Erwin Rommel, a German tank commander who was respected by all who faced him. Review of Killing Rommel a novel by Steven Pressfield. That's why the Irish are such noble drunks and glorious poets. Erwin Rommel led several German campaigns during the second world war, most notably in north Africa. No one sings like the Irish or mourns like them. Steven is a master storyteller. When it failed, Hitler obliged him to commit suicide. In Killing Rommel, it's a little too early; the story (a behind-the-lines raid by British Special Forces whose aim is to knock off the Desert Fox) hasn't really kicked in yet. Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have acquired the screen rights to Killing Rommel. Late in the war, he was implicated in a plot to kill Adolf Hitler. Steven Pressfield, who pushed to the forefront of war novelists with his history-based tales of ancient warriors, has turned his considerable skills to a modern conflict in. Owen Sandy was murdered at his Laventille home in February 2007, and Sean and Rommel were shot dead by Central Division Police in November 2007. Noted author and screenwriter Steven Pressfield talks about the legendary German general Irwin Erwin Rommel and the lessons modern leaders might learn from him. View the full review page: Killing Rommel.

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